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Soundview Heating and Air Conditioning Corp. is a family-owned and operated company. We have been serving Suffolk County since 2000. We provide our customers with unparalleled service and customer care.

A comfortable home is one where you can create memories to cherish for a lifetime. Soundview HVAC is here to take care of your home comfort needs. Our HVAC services in Stony Brook can give you reliable heating and cooling, month to month, year to year.

The most experienced technicians deliver a customer-focused service. We prioritize efficiency so you can pay less for a more comfortable home. We cover everything from HVAC installations to air conditioning repair services and planned maintenance. Talk to a comfort consultant today and enjoy the detailed approach of a family-run business that cares about quality.


Explore Our HVAC Services

We are a full-service HVAC company offering everything from system design and integration to maintenance and repairs. We’re available for a free virtual consultation today. Trust a local team that understands the unique challenges of delivering efficient heating and cooling in Stony Brook, Long Island.

  • We plan HVAC installations for efficiency and performance. Our team provides new home HVAC integration, remodeling services, upgrades, replacements, and HVAC services for any project.
  • Our HVAC repairs can get your system running efficiently. Whether you have an intermittent fault or a broken down AC or furnace, we’ll get things working. Contact us for HVAC service on systems from any brand.
  • Soundview HVAC offers Value+ Planned Maintenance for heating and cooling systems. Our scheduled preventative maintenance keeps systems efficient while preventing costly repairs and breakdowns.

You will enjoy peace of mind with our HVAC service guarantees and our attention to detail. You shouldn’t need to think about HVAC in daily life. Your heating and cooling appliances should work reliably in the background. We take care of the details so you can enjoy a more comfortable home.


Detailed HVAC Installation Consultations

Planning an HVAC installation calls for attention to detail and expert knowledge. Our team has decades of experience designing everything from large ducted forced air systems to modern zone-controlled mini-split systems. Our priority is to give you the system that suits your unique needs.

If you’ve ever used an air conditioning or heating calculator online, you might have noticed that they lack details. There’s more to consider than just the size of your home. Our comfort consultants and technicians are thorough. We look at the size of your home and then go beyond that to consider factors like the type of construction used for your home. We look at the position of bedrooms and living areas, sunlight exposure, window placement, and insulation value of walls, floors, and ceilings. Everything from the type of glass used on your windows to the ceiling height of your living spaces can affect your HVAC needs.

We evaluate your home in detail. We take the data and design reliable HVAC installations with the best possible performance. Custom systems are more energy efficient and can save you money over time.

Contact us today to schedule your consultation with your local HVAC professionals.


Planned Maintenance with a Heating and Cooling Contractor

As much as the installation matters, maintenance is just as crucial. You can join our Value+ program for regular service with a heating and cooling contractor. Members receive repair discounts, priority repair bookings, and 24/7 callout support. Prices are fixed and transparent.

The Value+ planned maintenance program reduces the risk of failures and early wear and tear. We lubricate, clean, maintain, and run checks on your system during scheduled service visits. We can fix issues that arise or repair and replace components. Proactively maintaining a system prolongs its lifespan. This type of maintenance also reduces long-term running costs and helps to protect your warranty.

Talk to us today to learn more about Value+.


The Best Sony Brook Air Conditioning Repair Service

Even the best systems can develop problems. Call us if your air conditioning or heating isn’t performing as expected. Our air conditioning repair service is cost-competitive with the industry. We are detailed and will take the time to diagnose issues and prevent them from reoccurring.

You can get on-demand repairs or join our Value+ program for repair discounts and essential maintenance that limits the risk of system problems.

Talk to us for an air conditioning repair service in Stony Brook if:

  • It’s become difficult to heat or cool your home.
  • Utility costs have increased, but you haven’t changed your usage.
  • Airflow from vents is weak.
  • There are odors or sounds from your HVAC equipment.
  • Your thermostat doesn’t reflect how the climate feels in your home.
  • Your system cycles often.
  • Your system won’t turn on.
  • You have any other HVAC concerns.

We understand that HVAC problems can be stressful. Our technicians are available to ensure that issues are solved quickly, reliably, and affordably.


Your Virtual Consultation with a Local HVAC Company

We’re ready to talk about your HVAC and home comfort needs today. Call us to schedule a virtual consultation. We are your local HVAC company and can be a long-term partner for maintenance and repairs. From installation to ownership, Soundview HVAC takes care of the community. Enjoy the best HVAC services in Stony Brook.

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We specialize in all phases of residential and commercial applications. All of our repair specialists are certified technicians and are trained to help you with preventative maintenance, repairs, replacement systems, and installations.



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The top reasons we went with Soundview were because of good information and excellent presentation.
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The installation crew was friendly, informative and hard working.
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