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Soundview Heating and Air Conditioning believes nothing speaks louder than the words of a satisfied customer. See what people have to say about our company!

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Nothing speaks louder than the words of our many satisfied customers.

We chose Soundview because of the professionalism of the sales person and the ability to work within our budget

J. Rosslee – Dix Hills, NY
The top reasons we went with Soundview were because of good information and excellent presentation.
F. Kito – Pt. Jefferson Sta., NY
The installation crew was friendly, informative and hard working.
P. Edwards – Rocky Pt., NY

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Soundview Heating and Air Conditioning Corp. is a family-owned and operated company. We have been serving Suffolk County since 2000. We provide our customers with unparalleled service and customer care.
Reviews from over 850+ Satisfied Customers

See what people have to say about our company!

Very well done, keep doing what you are doing.
B. Manseau – Rocky Pt., NY

Always very professional, hardworking and ALWAYS is able to fix whatever has gone wrong in a minimal amount of time..

Christine L.

Soundview came highly recommended and was able to work with my hectic schedule. You guys did a great job from beginning to end. Extremely satisfied.

J. Yannucci – Coram, NY
“Fast And Efficient! I have used Soundview Heating & Air Conditioning twice and was very pleased with their service. They came out this last time to do a tune-up on an oil-burning heat system. Everything is working just fine now. The servicemen were very professional and had a very courteous manner about them. They were careful to wear masks each time they entered my home. They completed the work very efficiently. I would recommend them to anyone needing heat or air work; they get the job done and are fast.”
— J. Brockman
“They Always Provide Excellent Service! We have used Soundview Heating & Air Conditioning for many years now, and they are a good company that provides excellent service. Recently we were having a problem with our oil burner, so we reached out to them and they came out to service it. The technician who came out was very friendly and knowledgeable, and did an excellent job! They have very competitive prices, and we know that we can always depend on them for anything.”
— D. Romard
“They Are A Great Group Of Guys! Soundview Heating & Air Conditioning is a great group of guys. They have done a lot of work for us repairing and servicing our furnace. They are always pleasant and friendly when they come out. They can repair any type of problem with a furnace. I plan to keep using them and to keep recommending them. They are very hardworking, and they know what they are doing. I’ve had nothing but good experiences with them.”
— D. Droscoski
“They Always Do A Good Job. I have been working with Soundview Heating & Air Conditioning for years now, and I’ve always thought positive things about them. They have mostly done service work for us, and the stuff they have done has always been pretty good. They recently came out to provide me an estimate for a new hot water heater, and before that, they did a service check on my HVAC unit. They have a good reputation in the community, and from my experience, they always do a good job, so I will absolutely continue with their services.”
— T. Fallon
“Everything Was Good. My recent experience with Soundview Heating & Air Conditioning was good, as I had no heat and they were able to come out the same day and get it fixed the first time. The technician was very good and followed the current safety protocol due to COVID-19. We have been using Soundview since they installed the unit over seven years ago, and I figure they’re the best people to service it, even though they can be pretty expensive. We will continue using them in the future.”
— B. Barker
“Experts In Boiler Systems. Soundview Heating & Air Conditioning did a thorough job of the maintenance for my Weil-McLain ultra boiler. This is a complicated boiler and only certain companies can or will service them. Soundview did the maintenance previously, and I am not in their service area but they made allowance for me. The same technician that serviced it before came back this year to do the maintenance again. He knows this system very well and knows what he is doing. As with the prior visit he arrived on time, did the work, was nice, and neat about the job. I believe him to be an expert on this boiler system! I highly recommend Soundview and this service technician!”
— T. Balestrino
“On Time, Knowledgeable, Friendly, They Did An Efficient Job. I don’t have anything to complain about with my experience using Soundview Heating & Air Conditioning. They did an efficient job, and everything they said was going to happen took place. I had them out for the first time in order to have maintenance work done on my heating system, to make sure everything was clean and functional. He ran tests to make sure it was running fine and even recommended a part that needed to be replaced in order to fix some issues I’ve been having. He was on time, friendly, and he appeared very knowledgeable. My expectations were met, and based on this experience, I would absolutely call them again.”
— I. Pinayev
“Efficient, On Time, Friendly. I have been using Soundview Heating & Air Conditioning since they serviced my air conditioning unit about three years ago, and they did a good job. Recently they came out to replace my A/C controller that had died. I’m sure it was not their fault, but the part was obsolete so they had to work around that issue. The workers themselves are efficient, on time, and friendly, and I’ve just signed a contract for next year, so I will be using them again.”
— I. Pinayev
“Clean and courteous! Five stars for Soundview Heating & Air Conditioning. I’ve already recommended them to other people. We’ve been using Soundview since we moved here two years ago. They always call before showing up. They are clean when they come in. Right now, they are being extra cautious about interactions by wearing masks. I had put off our spring maintenance call because of the uncertainty of the COVID situation and finally called Soundview in July. They are always really responsive to our calls and set up appointments right away. I will continue to use Soundview Heating & Air Conditioning.”
— D. Joyner
 “Always Prompt And Does Good Work! Soundview Heating & Air Conditioning came out recently to repair a wire going to our HVAC unit and they were able to complete the work promptly and to our satisfaction. We have used them several times and have always been happy with their work. I recommend them because they have always responded quickly to our calls.”
— Bicounty Distributors
“Fantastic! Soundview Heating & Air Conditioning was fantastic! I love them, they did a great job.”
— M. Alfieri
“Excellent Service! Soundview Heating & Air Conditioning is very responsive to my calls, and they always schedule their service and are out in a few days. Recently one of my air conditioning units was not working properly, as it was not feeding out cold air. The tech came out and diagnosed both units, diagnosed the problem quickly and fixed it on the spot. He was friendly, knowledgeable, and took care of all the issues I had. I have been using them for about six to seven years, and they offer excellent service, and are very responsive. They provide good, quality service at a reasonable price, and I will absolutely continue using their services.”
— J. Shapiro
 “Perfect! I had a great experience with Soundview Heating & Air Conditioning. They were professional, with a streamlined process and a strong follow through, so there were no surprises. They responded quickly to my initial inquiry, and they came out on time providing me a fair and accurate estimate. They came out as scheduled and performed the work professionally. I have no complaints, everything came out perfectly and I would use them again.”
— R. Davidson
“I’m Very Happy With Their Work. I’ve been using Soundview Heating & Air Conditioning for about fifteen years now. I started with them just around the time they had started, and I’ve been very happy with the work they do. A few weeks ago I had a blower motor go out in my unit, so I called them up to have it fixed. It was a good experience, in about three days they ordered the part and installed it. The guy who did it was really good! I’ve had other guys out from Soundview who were also good, but Jason was excellent. Needless to say, I’ll be using them again.”
— Wading River, NY
“Very Good Customer Service. On a scale from one to five, I would absolutely give Soundview Heating & Air Conditioning the highest rating. Their customer service is very good, and the people who worked there are super nice. I only had one issue for them to work on, and they provided that service more than adequately. I feel comfortable having them in my home.”
— Port Jefferson, NY
“Quality! I just started using Soundview Heating & Air Conditioning about two years ago. I got tired of the other company always trying to upsell me through fear of things breaking. I need to trust the people working on my furnace and air conditioner, that they have my best interests in mind. I have that feeling with Soundview. The ladies in the office are kind. The technicians are quick to call me back. They are thorough and kind. Right now, Soundview is installing a new water heater for me. I can rely on good service and quality from Soundview Heating & Air Conditioning.”
— Smithtown, NY
“Fantastic Work! Reliable! On Time! I have been a customer of Soundview Heating & Air Conditioning for three years. They recently upgraded two of my air conditioning units and they are working great. I would recommend them because they are timely and reliable. Their service is fantastic; it couldn’t be better. The guys that do the work are professional and courteous, very easy to work with. I’m sure I will be calling them again in the future, no reason to call anyone else.”
— Shoreham, NY
 “Professional! I’ve been a customer for years! They are easy to reach when we need service and always show up exactly on time. In a different house, we hired Soundview Heating & Air Conditioning to install new units. When we moved to this place, we kept the services of Soundview to maintain the systems here. Five stars for Soundview Heating & Air Conditioning!”
— Commack, NY
“They’re Always There When We Need Them. We have been using Soundview Heating & Air Conditioning for as long as we’ve been homeowners, and they’ve always been there when we needed them. They’re accommodating, along with being quick and efficient. We last had them out here due to our oil burner. It’s twenty years old now, and two parts that were making it function stopped working, so we reached out to them. We’ve known Brian for a while now, and he was the one who helped us get the parts quickly and install them. He’s very pleasant and knowledgeable. We plan to continue using their services if anything else comes up.”
— Setauket, NY
“Wonderful Customer Service! Great Company. Soundview Heating & Air Conditioning installed a new HVAC system for me two years ago. They have been doing all the maintenance on the unit. They do a great job. The HVAC unit is working very well. The servicemen are friendly and do a thorough job. I recommend them because of their wonderful customer service. They are a very good company to do business with. I plan on using them for many years.”
— Miller Place, NY
“I’d definitely recommend them! I’ve been using Soundview Heating & Air Conditioning for about twenty years. Since they started their business. They’ve done work in my residence and my office building. This includes installations as well as maintenance. I definitely recommend Soundview Heating & Air Conditioning. I’m happy with their service!”
— Hauppauge, NY
 “I have used them twenty years and highly recommend them! Soundview Heating & Air Conditioning has been providing me with excellent service for the past twenty years. I definitely would recommend them to others. The technicians are always very professional. If there had been any issues in using their workers I would not have kept using them for twenty years. As far as pricing goes, I feel that is secondary. I will pay for who I feel is the most professional and knowledgeable about their work. I also know the owner personally since we live in the same neighborhood for years and would not use anyone but Soundview Heating & Air Conditioning.”
— Saint James, NY
“Soundview Heating & Air Conditioning is very good. I had an issue recently where I had no heat, so I called them. They showed up and made me have heat again, so it was good. I’ve been using them for years, and I love them! I recommend them all the time.”
— Port Jefferson, NY
“Very Professional & Thorough! Soundview Heating & Air Conditioning has always done good work for us. This was not our first time using their services. They came out recently to repair a burner and everything turned out excellently. The technician was great. He was prompt, polite and professional. When he found what was wrong with the burner he took the time to explain his findings to us and let us know what he could do to fix it. He also took the time to answer our questions. He was respectful of our home and he was courteous. We will use Soundview Heating & Air Conditioning again!”
— Shoreham, NY
 “Professional and efficient. I have been a client of Soundview Heating & Air Conditioning for two or three years. Recently, they came out for their annual winter service for our heating system. Everything is running properly. They are knowledgeable. I believe they know their business. Plus they are very respectful of my home. I continue to use their service because they are very good. They are also professional and very reliable. And they are well mannered and polite. I would recommend Soundview Heating & Air Conditioning to my family and friends.”
— Port Jefferson, NY
“Fantastic job! I highly recommend them! This was the first time I used Soundview Heating & Air Conditioning but since then, I’ve called them back to tune up the boiler and do some other maintenance-related things. Everything was done very well. I found them on a social media website. After calling around to a bunch of places, I found Soundview to be the most trustworthy sounding. I was happy I hired them and will continue to use Soundview Heating & Air Conditioning.”
— Shoreham, NY
 “Quality Work at a Great Value! Soundview Heating & Air Conditioning recently came out and repaired our hot water heater. They responded very quickly, and it only took them an hour to do the repair. We have been using them for years and have always been pleased and impressed with them. They are respectful, professional, friendly, and hard-working. They provide quality work at a great value. We have used them for many years and I highly recommend their work. We have never been disappointed.”
— Coram, NY
 “Thorough, Fair, Courteous & Professional!”
— Mount Sinai, NY
“Good Service and Knowledgeable Repairmen! Soundview Heating & Air Conditioning has been doing the annual maintenance on my unit for quite some time now. In fact, they came out recently to do the maintenance on my boiler. The technicians show up on time and they are respectful of my home. They are polite and professional. When I have had to call them if there was a problem they were able to quickly make an assessment of the unit then tell me what they were able to find and what they will be able to do to fix it. They also take the time to answer any questions I have for them. Their pricing is fair and I will continue to use Soundview Heating & Air Conditioning.”
— Bayside Hills, NY
“In the few years we’ve used them we’ve had no problems. I have nothing but good things to say about Soundview Heating & Air Conditioning! They are affordable, efficient, and knowledgeable. They also have good work ethics. Recently they fixed a burner for us. The technician who worked on it was here for hours. He was not only respectful of my home, but he was professional as well. They all are. The office personnel is too. Years ago we had an air conditioner system installed. The company that installed it was awful. We even found mold. But every company uses a different burner. So we had to get a new one. In a couple of weeks, Soundview Heating & Air Conditioning will be coming out to work on our heating system. Scheduling the appointment was easy. You just mail your check in first. I would recommend Soundview Heating & Air Conditioning to my family and friends.”
— Port Jefferson Station, NY
 “We just used Soundview Heating & Air Conditioning for the first time. The receptionist was very nice on the phone and Joe, the gentleman who came to the house, was also very nice. He changed a motor for us on our unit. We received excellent service from Soundview Heating & Air Conditioning and I would recommend them!”
— Wading River, NY
“Awesome Job. Soundview Heating & Air Conditioning came out yesterday to do some work. Danny was the tech and he did an awesome job. He was great in explaining everything he was doing, and I was very happy with the work he provided. I will be calling Soundview in the near future to talk about signing up for their maintenance service.”
— Mount Sinai, NY
“Perfect! I’ve had Soundview Heating & Air Conditioning for probably 13 years or so now, ever since I built my house. The owner, John, is very good at troubleshooting problems, big and small. Even the head-scratchers that confuse others, he always finds a way and figures it out. During their last visit, they put in a new compressor, and they did a perfect job! They got the job done immediately, and I had no problems. Their techs were very knowledgeable and did such a good job. They’re only one of two service companies I still have around after my house was built. I will definitely continue using them..”
— A. Gardini – West Islip, NY
“We’ll use them again! We recently had an issue with our air conditioner and had another HVAC company come in to take a look. They couldn’t fix it. So we called Soundview Heating & Air Conditioning and they were able to fix it right away. We used to use Soundview a long time ago and needless to say, we’ll be sending our business their way again. Five stars!”
— Islip Fire Department – Islip Terrace, NY
“Overall we were very satisfied with the installation. The fact that you offered equipment options in your proposal was a plus.”
— P. Brown – E. Northport, NY
“Perfect from start to finish!”
— R. Dirks – Hicksville, NY
“The installation crew was excellent.”
— Coyle & Co. – Holbrook, NY

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